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There is no more fatal policy in hunting dangerous game than a contempt of the animal, exhibited by a selection of weapons of inferior caliber. Common sense should be the guide, and surely it requires no extraordinary intelligence to understand that a big animal requires a big bullet, and that a big bullet requires a corresponding charge of powder, which necessitates a heavy rifle.
- Sir Samuel White Baker, “Wild Beasts and Their Ways.”


The most powerful traditional muzzleloading rifle manufactured today!


This rifle is designed using the principals advocated by Lt. James Forsythe, MA in his book “The Sporting Rifle and Its Projectiles”. Lt. Forsythe hunted extensively in India & Africa during the end of muzzleloading era. He developed the theory of using a large bore round ball with massive charges of black powder. By utilizing ultra slow twist rifling, the projectile can be delivered with good accuracy and devastating results. The OC Big Bore Sporting Rifle delivers the raw; knock down power demanded by today’s discriminating black powder hunter. By any standard, this is an awesome rifle.

October Country rifles are patterned after the works of the finest English rifle makers of the 19th century. Famous big game hunters like Forsythe, Baker, Sellous and Finaughty knew the power developed by big bore round ball guns. They depended on them for their success and their safety, when rifled in accordance with Lt. Forsythe’s theory. These firearms can produce amazing power and accuracy at ranges thought improbable for a round ball gun. We invite you to discover what was proved and then forgotten well over a century ago.

The most powerful hunting rifles burn tremendous quantities of black powder and shoot large diameter round balls with good accuracy and moderate recoil. Recoil is managed by a combination of correct stock design, rifle weight and balance. All of our rifles feature English L & R locks and Moody barrels. The barrel channels are glass bedded, as are the lock and trigger mortise and the butt end of the stock. The locks, barrels and furniture on all rifles are cold brown to a satin finish that helps reduce glare and reflection, also cold brown imparts on old time rust finish to the guns.

Performance of the OC Big Bore Sporting Rifle is awe-inspiring. With the suggested maximum charge of 210 grains of FFg black powder, muzzle velocities exceed 1,800 fps. Although Lt. Forsythe advocated this particular bore/charge rifling combination to be acceptable to 250 plus yards, a more moderate range of 150 yards to deliver maximum energy.

I have seen in a life’s experience the extraordinary vagaries of rifle bullets…there is nothing, in my opinion, superior to the old spherical hardened bullet with a heavy charge of powder. The friction is minimized, the velocity is accordingly increased, and the hard round bullet neither deflects nor alters its form, but cuts through intervening branches and goes direct to its aim, breaking bones and keeping a straight course through the animal. This means death!
- Sir Samuel White Baker, “Wild Beasts and Their Ways.”


One of the most powerful traditional muzzleloading rifles is manufactured today. This rifle has demonstrated its prowess on the North American and African continent as well, providing one-shot kills on everything from elk and grizzly bear to eland and Cape buffalo. It utilizes shallow groove, slow twist one turn in one hundred and four inches rifling for delivering a round ball at speeds over 1800 fps and muzzle energy exceeding a TON and a half. This rifle features a maple English style Rigby pistol grip stock and a 1 ¼” to 1 1/8” tapered octagonal barrel at 36”.


Little brother to the OC Big Bore Sporting Rifle, big brother to most of the other muzzleloading rifles on the market today. This terrific hunting rifle features compact size and lightweight for ease of carrying through rough and brushy country. Couple that with a big bore .62 caliber power and you have a perfect big game rifle for all occasions. It is light enough for a lady, but powerful enough for all big game. This rifle features a curly maple English shotgun stock and a 1 1/8 to 1 inch tapered octagonal barrel at 36”.

Basic Rifle

Comes with a curly maple stock, 28” octagon barrel It features a two-piece, patent breech with ¼ x 28 nipple threads. The English style fixed v sight with a steel blade front sight for pinpoint accuracy. The rifle is iron mounted, cold brown, and weighs 14 pounds and is 45” long. It is available in .62 caliber (20 bore), .66 caliber (16 bore), .69 caliber (14 bore), .72 caliber (12 bore) and .75 caliber (10 bore).  Please call 208-762-4903 for a quote as pricing is subject to change.

Wood: Curly Maple Stock
Twist: 1 – 104 inch, 8 lands, 8 wide groove, .007 deep 7/8 thread
Pull: 14½ inch
Lock: L & R English Bar
Breech Plug: Manton Style hooked Patent ¼ x 28 thread
Barrel: Moody Metal Works
- 1 ¼ to 1 1/8” at 36” Octagon Tapered Big Bore
- 1 1/8 to 1” at 36” Octagon Tapered Light Bore

Barrel: (Comes with 28” tapered octagon)
Tapered: $25.00 per inch over 28”
Straight: $75.00 plus $25.00 per inch over 28”
- Octagon to round 28” $125.00
- Octagon to round over 28” $150.00 plus $25.00 per inch
Wood: Fancy Curly Maple $125.00
- Extra Fancy Curly Maple $200.00
- English Black Walnut call for current price.
- Any other wood call for current price.
Nose Cap: Ebony $150.00
- Rose Wood $150.00
Checkering: Wrist $150.00
- Fore stock $150.00
Inlay: Gold call for quote
- German Silver call for quote
Stock Carving: Call for quote
Patch Box Call for quote


Sights: 2 Blade English Express $75.00
- 3 Blade English Express $100.00
- Peep Tang $100.00
- Williams call for quote
- Ghost Ring Sight $75.00
Kap Kover: ¼ x 28 #11, ¼ x 28 Musket no charge
Flintlock: $250.00 Left Hand: $250.00 Pull Length: Change from 14 ½” shorter or longer. $200.00 Musket Nipple: No charge Recoil Pad: - $75.00 Hot Blued Satin: - $250.00 Heavy Polish: - $325.00